Sushi Hotaru
500 George St
Sydney CBD

Our shopping odyssey was nearing its end and we decided to grab some food before leaving the city. Sushi Hotaru provided the perfect option for us. Its a sushi train with, as you would expect, very fresh sushi travelling around being consumed and added to very regularly.

We were lucky enough to grab a few spots straight away and watched as a few laps of food went by - just to peruse the selections available. It all looked so fresh and tasty - the hardest thing was where to start.

As Mlady is a bit of a tuna fan we grabbed these juicy morsels. The tangy tuna was nicely offset by the crisp freshness of the cherry tomato. These rolls were a decent size too and tasted great. The next choice had a nice combination of salmon, tuna and avocado - again extremely fresh and tasty.

The chicken and avocado rolls are simple yet always tasty. The chicken was sweet and tender and the avocado fresh and ripe.

The final dish was a curious one. We still aren't exactly sure what it was (or is). It was crisp - having obviously been fried - and came with a nice dipping sauce. There was plenty of it too.

Sushi Hotaru is tucked away a bit but has a nice selection of sushi that is very fresh and very tasty.

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