34 Victoria St
Old Town

We're back! The name here basically says it all - and if it doesn't then the window certainly shows you what you're in for! The whole pig that is delivered fresh each day and proudly displayed in the widow attracts crowds of people to stare, drool a bit and eat. As the day unfolds the pig gradually gets consumed until there are just scraps left. Then the following day the whole process unfolds again.

The pricing is easy to work out - its well displayed in the window -  and the three sizes are brilliantly named - Piglet, Oink and Grunter!

There are three simple steps to follow in choosing (after you decide on what size to get). Firstly you need to decide on a white or brown roll. Secondly choose sage and onion stuffing or haggis. Finally choose your relishes and sauces.

Its a simple and quick process.
My choice was an Oink on a white roll with sage and onion stuffing and some apple sauce to top it all off. For a mere 3.60 its good value for a substantial meal.

The pork was extremely tender and the flavours were wonderful.

Its important to remember that there is one pig a day so once it goes you have to wait till the next day. The point is, if you want one get in early.

If you're near Grassmarket give it a go, you wont be disappointed.

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