Mother India Cafe
3 Infirmary St
Old Town

An Indian restaurant that serves its food tapas style had an appeal to us, and as it had received positive reactions from plenty of people we decided to go there. The fact that it was close to where we were staying was an added bonus.

Its a deceptive restaurant as it has two rooms. The back room filled up quickly then they started using the tables in the entry room. We certainly couldn't fault the service which was extremely attentive throughout the entire meal

We started with some popdoms and dipping sauces. The spiced onions were lovely with a nice tang to them. This contrasted well with the sweeter mango chutney. We devoured both of them with the popadoms.

The mushroom bhaji was unlike any bhaji we've ever had. Most of us are used to the traditional onion bhaji - in fact I have to confess I love it.

So it was the word bhaji that actually convinced me to order this dish. As you can see from the picture they weren't fritters nor was there any batter.

Nevertheless, the flavours were good though and it tasted really nice. We both enjoyed it.
The machi massala was delicious. The combination of flavours went together really well.

Fortunately the fish pieces in this dish were not overcooked and dry. They still had their texture and moisture. The serving size was good as well.
The lemon and cashew rice was on the specials list for the night. It was the unusual combination that actually attracted our attention in the first place anyway.

The rice was nice and light. There was a subtle lemon flavour to it and certainly plenty of cashew pieces.

I'm still not sure about it though. It certainly was nice but it was possibly not the greatest rice though.
We also loved the chicken curry. It had a lovely blend of flavours and quite a kick to it as well.

The tasty pieces of chicken were swimming in a thick curry that combined perfectly.

The breads we had were really nice. We had the pitta bread and aloo paneer kulcha. Her favourite was the pitta but mine was the aloo paneer kulcha - absolutely delicious and so light as well.

The entire meal only ended up costing us 27.50. We both though this was good value for an extremely tasty and very filling dinner. The decor is pleasant without being over the top. The service is excellent. The food is very good as is the value.

All in all Mother India Cafe is well worth visiting.

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