Grassmarket Hotel/Biddy Mulligans 
Old Town

These are actually two different places but many people blur them into the one place. Grassmarket Hotel is accommodation. Biddy Mulligans is a pub attached to it that also provides food - including breakfasts for hotel guests.

The Grassmarket Hotel itself is very nice. It has some unique touches that make it memorable. The pub is deceptively big as it stretches back from the street quite a distance. We had breakfast there.
Sir has a weakness for eggs Benedict - especially with smoked salmon - so once this was spotted it was a done deal to order it.

This meal turned out to be the choice of the place. The toasted sourdough was lovely. The eggs were perfectly cooked with nice runny yolks and there was a huge (yes HUUUGE) quantity of smoked salmon. This was my kind of meal!

The sauce was also very nice so the whole dish combined really well and tasted great. As every last drop of it was devoured it's certainly a dish worth getting here.
Mlady, being the healthier of the two of us, chose porridge for her starting food of the day.

As the porridge didn't come with any accompanying milk it was a bit stodgy and thick. The flavours were decent without being spectacular.

The verdict for this dish was that it was ok. It was decent - not great or terrible. Mlady said she probably wouldn't order that dish there again - and didn't.

The food here is a bit hit and miss. The coffee here is terrible though. I'm sure they will fix this soon as its out of keeping with the rest of the place. I know its a pub and coffee isn't usually there thing - but most pubs get it close to right.

All in all not bad but room for improvement.

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