David Bann
56 St Marys St
Old Town

It was a wet day in downtown Edinburgh and I was flying solo for a few hours. I realised I'd missed lunch. This is a rarity for Sir! I spied an attractive restaurant across the road and ventured to the window. Now I have to say that generally a vegetarian restaurant isn't going to be my first choice (or second or third!) but I had a  bit of a craving for some hot soup (again not a usual choice for me).

The menu in the window showed some very attractive food options and, fortunately, soup. I went in to a fairly empty place - as it was mid afternoon. I received a friendly greeting and was promptly seated at the window to watch the world go by. 
The soup was described on the menu as being a substantial bowl of freshly prepared soup of the day with homemade bread. I found out todays treat was a hearty vegetable mix so I ordered a bowl.

I didn't have to wait long before a steaming bowl of deliciousness arrived. The soup was great. Certainly I was keen to have soup so this may have helped - but it tasted amazing with great flavours.

The homemade bread was good as well. Crisp outer and soft texture inside made it a perfect partner to the main dish.

This meal only cost 3.60 - good value for a good meal in a quality place.
I also had a cup of coffee to go with it. Yes I know some may find this a strange combination but it was mid afternoon so my meal was a combined lunch and afternoon tea.

The coffee was good. Nice flavours, good aroma, hot but not overheated.

David Bann is a pleasant place. It has nice decor, good service and great food. Although I'm a meat eater I'd still be happy to go there again and try more of their dishes.

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