24 Duke St
Brighton, UK

Its a Willy Wonka type of window here that continually stops the crowds. Its a kodak moment for many as well. The displays in the window are very well set out and eye catching. Such an amazing array of chocolate forming ornate flamboyant displays.

Like the rest of the passing masses we stopped, looked, snapped pictures and went inside. Also like the rest we discovered that the shop is about the size of a broom cupboard inside. I'm sure the size and congestion inside this shop causes plenty of people to turn around and leave. Such a pity. Pushed on by our stomaches we persevered and it was good we did.

Our reward in fighting the crowds inside the shop was the eventual purchase of a large bag of chocolate pieces. When you're browsing around shops all day you need energy - and there's no better way to get that energy than by eating chocolate!

Whilst we can't remember the actual price of our bag of energy we do know it wasn't cheap. Things in this store are generally quite expensive but good quality. I suspect a few browsers leave empty handed as a result.

For us, all we can say was that the bag we bought was a decent size, a bit pricey but oh so good. The quality of the chocolate here was very good. So perhaps the motto - you get what you pay for - applies. If you're in the area give it a go.

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