Laduree at Harrods
87 Brompton Rd
South Kensington, London

If you've been in to a Laduree shop before you'll know what to expect here. They all follow a similar theme - which isn't a bad thing as its a good theme. You'll be dazzled by a sea of colour from a wide range of cakes and pastries as well as their famous macarons of course. 

Laduree in Harrods is almost hidden away in this gigantic store. It's not brilliantly signposted so it can be a bit hard to find. For those searching it's on the ground floor near (or off) menswear.

We looked long and hard at the food options there before choosing some macarons.

There are some photo's somewhere of our purchases - I just can't find them right now. But suffice to say they are the usual Laduree macarons in the usual flavours here - so there aren't any surprises.

Laduree is pricey for their goodies. people love them all over the world.

If you're a lover of macarons - and shopping - then a visit to Laduree at Harrods will allow you to pursue both these passions in the one location!

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