Olive Bar and Grill
Shop 2031 Florence St Mall
Hornsby NSW 2077

 Sunday brunching again brought me to this little place on Hornsby's Florence Street Mall. With some work being done in the surrounding area it lacked a bit of street appeal - but its clear that this is only temporary. I'd seen this place before but had never stopped there so I thought - why not. I'm reasonably glad I did - it was a decent feed at very reasonable prices. The service was prompt and friendly too - and I was sitting outside which sometimes means a lack of attention in some places.
I perused the menu in detail but seemed to get drawn back repeatedly to the bacon and eggs on their normal menu. It was a good decision as the serving came with two well prepared eggs which were cooked but nicely runny, and good sized serving of bacon, half a grilled tomato and two full slices of buttered toast in four halves. The bacon was tasty, the eggs were well prepared, the tomato sweet and even the toast was nice. All this for a meagre $7.90 - excellent value.
The coffee was decent as well. Possibly not spectacular but solid. At $3.00 for a large cup it was again good value.

Olive Bar and Grill is a decent place serving solid food at very reasonable prices. Not any wow factor for decor but good service and good value make it worthwhile.

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