La Cita
11 Degraves St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

La Citta is a nice cafe/restaurant/wine bar. It has a pleasant atmosphere with their blackboard walls, visible wine bottles and plenty of timber offsetting the black colouring elsewhere.

The free range eggs on toast cooked to your liking certainly sounded good - and my liking was poached. I also chose to get a side of Istra bacon as well - which turned out to be a good choice. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the bacon was nice as well. The combination was tasty and cost $14.00 ($10.00 for the eggs and an extra $4.00 for the side of bacon).

The Princess also chose the free range eggs on toast cooked to your liking - but as expected chose them scrambled. She also chose sides of avocado and tomato. The meal was again well cooked and well presented. They do their food well here! The eggs were $10.00, the side of tomato was $3.00 and the side of avocado was a further $4.00 bringing this meal to $17.00.

Their coffee was good too. Nice flavours and aroma - well presented and served promptly. All good as expected.

La Cita is a pleasant cafe/restaurant/wine bar in a nice location with good decor, decent service and solid food.

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