Hopetoun Tea Rooms
Block Arcade
Melbourne CBD

This place has an amazing window that stops you and drags you closer. Its absolutely beautiful. Hopetoun Tea Rooms is pretty. It has a English feel to it - not surprisingly. It even has a poles and a red rope barrier outside - like lining up for an academy award.

Any menu item that is described as green eggs and ham has to attract attention. Its actually toasted bread with scrambled eggs infused with basil pesto on a big slice (or slices) of leg ham. The Princess ordered this being a scrambled eggs fan (as well as a basil fan) and said it was great. The flavours were excellent and combined perfectly for crisp tastes with the salty ham capping it off nicely. It was described in the menu as creamy scrambled eggs seasoned with fresh basil pesto, thick cut leg ham and Vienna toast. It cost $18.50 - pricey but a quality meal.

Any breakfast that has smoked salmon, eggs and avocado is always going to attract my attention. This did. These three ingredients always combine well - and they tasted great here. It was called Atlantic Eggs and consisted of two soft poached eggs, with Tasmanian smoked salmon and salmon caviar on toasted Vienna with avocado seasoned with lime juice, salt and cracked pepper. It was lovely. This tasty treat cost $18.50 so it wasn't cheap - but it was good.
The front window of Hopetoun Tea Rooms is amazing. Its a show stopper that is constantly being looked at and photographed. And why wouldn't it be - it has great appeal.

Hopetoun Tea rooms is a classy place. The service is good, the ambiance is nice, the front window and variety of goodies excellent and the food quality great. The prices aren't cheap but you get quality. It's a nice place to visit.

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