Borderland Mexican Restaurant
97 Willoughby Rd
Crows Nest

Interesting place with a front indoor part and a back courtyard - which is where we were on a fine sunny day for an extended group lunch. There have been mixed reviews about this place - mostly relating to the service - but we couldn't fault them here. They were attentive, polite, friendly and efficient - everything you'd want.

We were having a banquet - and sadly due to indulgence alone I didn't take many photo's - but I'll still run through what you get.

We started with corn chips, followed by more chips this time with salsa and guacamole to dip them in. Then came some garlic bread - basically more fillers - but still nice.
We then had tortilla's with meat, beans and rice filling. Couldn't fault any of it but it also didn't knock your socks off with intense flavours. It was solid though.

There were plenty of burritos too - and they were really nice. The filling was again solid but the actual burritos were great.
These little treats (or big ones to be precise) came with either chicken or beef in them - clearly I got chicken. They were nice but could possible have been a bit smaller and more plentiful so you could get one of each instead of choosing.

There was no dessert - but we were basically full by then anyway. All in all it was a solid but not spectacular meal. Its not the best Mexican food around but its not the worst either. The service was good as well. Worth a visit but not if you're a Mexican buff.

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