Cozy Thai
Unit 1/46 Hampden Ave

This restaurant is another one of those hidden gems in suburbia. The restaurant is quite small - or cosy/cozy so it lives up to its name. This is a place you wont just accidentaly drive past - its out of the way. However its worth trying to find! Decor is nice, service impeccable and the food was great.

We started with money bags. Wow. They were a bit different to the usual pastry and style - but crisp, tasty and delicious. They come in a serving of four and each parcel had minced chicken, vegetables, crushed peanuts and a mix of spices. They came with some sweet chilli sauce.
The second entree was the angel prawns. They were really nice - but not quite as good as the money bags. The serving was four marinated king prawns covered with coconut and then deep fried. They came with a sweet sauce - but we probably could have donme with a bit more sauce.
Our first main course was an old favourite - mussaman beef curry. The beef melted in our mouths - it was so tender. The sauce that went with it was just as good. This was a nice dish. It was perfectly cooked and extremely tasty.
Finally we had crispy soft shell crab with chilli, salt and pepper. This was also very tasty. The crab was cooked perfectly and it all tasted so good. They were possibly a bit heavy handed with the salt but it was still a lovely dish.

Cozy Thai is a hidden treasure in the back streets of Wahroonga. Take the trouble to try to find it - you wont be disappointed.

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