The Grounds of Alexandria
Building 7A, 2 Huntley St

The Grounds of Alexandria is huge yet doesn't scream at you. In fact its not glaringly signposted and you could possibly miss it - even though its a really big place both indoors and outdoors. Inside you first see the take away counter with a huge array of very appealing cakes and pastries.

There are shelves acting as a barrier to some indoor seating but behind the servery there is more seating too.

You instantly notice that the place has a kind of warehouse/industrial feel to it without seeming cold or impersonal. You also notice that everything there has "The Grounds" printed on it - cups, bread boards,
staff - sit there to long and it may be on you! I didn't mind this though - it again wasn't in your face or gaudy.

The breakfast menu is brief but interesting. There were a few options that caught my eye but in the end the bacon and egg roll won out. It was described as having crispy bacon, two eggs and tomato relish on a
bun. It was huge, very tasty and came well presented on a bread board.This is a big roll and at only $9.00 I thought it was very good value.

The coffee here is good too - in fact its a passion of theirs. My coffee arrived very quickly after placing my order and was excellent.

As the coffee arrived so quickly I was surprised I wasn't asked if I wanted another one. I didn't want more - but may have said yes if asked! At $3.50 it again wasn't expensive.

Behind the rear indoor eating area is the real business end of the coffee side of their enterprise. You can see machines there behind a glass wall - a nice touch that's both interesting and impressive.

The Grounds of Alexandria is a busy place with good food, good coffee,
good decor and good service. The one downside is that parking is hard
to find but it still ticks all the boxes.

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