Pizza e Birra
500 Crown St
Surry Hills

This place is appealing. It looks nice, its smells nice and the service is great. No faults. It has a pleasant outlook too and if you're reasonably early parking isn't to bad either.

Pizza e Birra has seating inside and outside - you choose - although the outside seating gets taken pretty quickly.
Its hard to go to a place with the word Pizza in it and not have at least one pizza. With this in mind the one we chose was the bresaola - cured beef. The bresaola has mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, bresaola, provola, truffle oil, parmesan and basil. It was extremely tasty - the flavour combinations went so well together. The one minor thing was that the crust was a bit tough - maybe the knives just needed to be sharper. The cost was $24 and it still tasted great.
the second main course chosen was an old favourite - lasagna. This was billed as home made fresh baked pasta with traditional bolognese sauce.

It was a decent sized serving and tasted brilliant. The cost was $20.50.
We wanted a red wine to accompany our meals so we chose a Castellani Solo Arte Merlot at $8 per glass. It was a very light red - much lighter than most merlots - but still very nice.

Pizza e Birra is a really nice place. The food is good, service great and decor very nice. Its a good eatery in a busy restaurant district.

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