HuTong Dumpling Bar
14-16 Market Lane

The promote this place as having the best dumplings in Melbourne - and they may be right. They are amazing!

HuTong is a deceptive place - tucked away in a alley off Little Bourke St. It looks small but it has multiple levels making it bigger than it first appears. Its busy too - so get there early.

I started with the duck meat dumplings - which included 4 pieces. They were very tasty morsels - having delicate flavours and with plenty of duck meat inside. They cost $7.20.

Next was the shao-long-bao which came as 8 pieces of heaven. They were dumplings filled with pork mince balls and a delicious broth that was amazing. They were served with shredded ginger and soy sauce to dip them in. They are an East China delicacy and cost $9.80.

A diet coke topped off a fairly quick lunch - costing $4.50. All up the total was $21.50. As Arnie says so well - I'll be back! 

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