Sydney Madang
371 Pitt St

Tucked away down an alley off Pitt St is the quaint Sydney Madang restaurant. Its quite pleasant inside although the subdued lighting for some may seem like dim lighting for others.

Its a Korean BBQ place among other things so each table has the necessary apparatus for cooking built in.

I was lunching with D, N and Z and we decided not to BBQ that day.

We ordered several dishes and afterwards some condiments arrived, including the sauce for the seafood pancake and two bowls of rice.
The Jjin Mandoo - steamed dumplings - were recommended so they were high on our list. We decided on a large serving (t10 of them) for $16. They were delicious - so fresh and light.
Next was the Haemul Pajan - seafood and shallot pancake. We chose the small serving for $11. This was really nice too. Crisp on the outside and light on the inside with plenty of seafood. The sauce that went with it was nice without being to memorable.
We then had Chicken Teriyaki Jungsik - teriyaki chicken down one side of the plate with shredded cabbage down the other side topped with a light creamy mayonnaise. At $14 a serve it was reasonable value. The chicken was tender but none of us were totally won over by the cabbage.
Finally we ended the meal with Bui Go Gi Jungsik - stir fried beef in traditional Korean sauce - for $13. There was no doubt that the beef was tender but the sauce was nothing memorable.

Sydney Madang is nice but squeezed in the heart of Thainatown its got tough competition nearby which we all agreed we prefer.

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