Jazz Apple Cupcake Emporium
222 City Walk
Canberra 2601

With the temptation of a window full of cupcakes it takes super-human strength to walk on by. Sadly for me I don't have that strength - so I entered, looked and left with two tasty treats in the bag!
The caramel mudcake was moist and sweet. It had a thick texture, as expected with the word "mud"in the title. The toffee on top went nicely with the rich icing. Presentation was excellent and the taste was great. The price was $4.95.
The chocolate jaffa cupcake was rich and chocolatey. The dark chocolate cake went well with the lighter chocolate icing on top - with a burst of extra flavour from the jaffa capping it off nicely. The price was again $4.95.
Jazz Apple has a good selection of nice cupcakes. They aren't cheap but they are good quality items, well presented and they taste great.

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