Luxe Bakery
195 Missenden Rd

Luxe Bakery has a good reputation for its food and coffee and a great
reputation for its service. Its got a reasonably large street frontage
although entry is a little awkward at times when others are going in and out as its via a narrow path/verandah.

I was in early and had already been coffee'd so it was food being sought.

The croissants, in the staight French style looked appealing so that was choice number one. The flavour was good but I thought it was a bit heavy - it was surprisingly not as light and flaky as some other places. Croissants are $3.

Whilst I wasn't really there looking for anything more than an early morning food fix the organic olive sourdough caught my eye and was added to the purchases. It seemed very appealing and I thought it would be good for an addition to dinner that night. At $8 it was pricey for bread but it was absolutely amazingly delicious.

Luxe Bakery has some great things there and the next step is to sample more of their products.

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