Din Tai Fung
644 George St
(In World Square)

This place is a bit hidden away and has had mixed reactions to the service. However, just about everyone raves about the food, billed as the world's tastiest dumpling, and its easy to see why. I was in a bit of a rush so decided to grab some take-away from here as I was nearby and hadn't tried it. I now wish I'd been
there sooner - it was great.

Its an unusual process getting take-away. There is a desk at the doorway and you need to complete a form with your order (there is a picture menu to look at too), go inside to pay then return outside to wait. Your food will be brought outside to you when it's ready.

It was such a hard choice - and some of my initial options had sadly run out. I ended up with two buns - one pork and one vegetarian which cost $3 each or in this case $5.50 for two.

I had chased other dishes next but due to availability ended up with
crumbed chicken fillet. This was certainly tasty. Juicy chicken with
light, crisp tangy crumbs had me yearning for more - and it was
already a decent size which was good value for $10.80.

The only two really tough questions at Din Tai Fung are what to order this time and what to leave for next time!

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