See U Latte Cafe
Level 4
Westfield Shoppingtown

See U Latte is a pleasant indoor/outdoor cafe
in Westfield Hornsby- if you can call some of it outdoor when its all still inside the centre and indoors!

Like many cafes in shopping centres, there's the obligatory specials board, although in this case it seems to be a permanent special. It was this sign that drew us in as a nice devonshire tea is always appreciated.

We had coffee - as we noticed that they roast there own here - and it turned out to be good. The scone however promised much (or we hoped it did) but didn't quite deliver. It was a decent size but seemed more processed than many and sadly came with a packet of jam and what appeared to be aerosol cream. It was filling and decent value but not awesome.
If you're after a quick c
heap snack the special is fine - but if you're after a great devonshire tea there may be better around. The coffee here is good though - they roast their own and its very tasty..  

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