Short/Sharp: Rutherglen Places Visited

Some of the places:

  1. Star Hotel -Rutherglen - Solid pub food and Chinese food as well. There is certainly plenty of variety at this place for everyone. They have good sized servings as well and the service is prompt, efficient and friendly. The room is big so it can get a bit echoey at times. Its a good place to go to cater for a variety of tastes on a given day.
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  2. Terrace Restaurant - Rutherglen (at All Saints winery.) - This is another one of those amazing locations. The winery itself is impressive as you arrive - its castle-like and full of character and almost forces you to take a photo. The Terrace Restaurant is at the side of this edifice and you enter via the wineries tasting room. Its an interesting menu with some very tasty items but the main course servings could have possibly been a bit bigger. On a pleasant evening have a drink by the lagoon first before dinner then drift on inside for your meal.
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  3. Cafe Shamrock - Rutherglen - Quaint cafe/deli with some interesting things to eat or buy for later. Very nice if you can grab the window seat and watch the world go by in Rutherglen. Its a good place for breakfast, brunch or lunch - or somewhere to go to get provisions for when you visit the wonderful wineries of the district later in the day.
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  4. Parker Pies - Rutherglen - This is a busy pie shop right in the heart of Rutherglen. Its a bit cavernous inside but if its a nice day sit outside, enjoy the food and take in the activity on the main street of Rutherglen (which co-incidentally is Main Street). They had the unique "coat of arms" pie (with kangaroo and emu in it) and it was delicious. Would have liked to have tried more - and will next time.
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