Short/Sharp: Port Macquarie Places Visited

Some of the places

  1. Panthers - Port Macquarie - Decent club food with a pleasant view out over the water, particularly if you eat outside.
  2. Spicy Yahmor Thai Restaurant - Port Macquarie - Terrible. Don't go there.
  3. Wall of China - Port Macquarie - Fair Chinese at reasonable prices. The serving quantities were good and the service was good too. It may not be the best Chinese restaurant in town but it was ok.
    Wall of China on Urbanspoon
  4. Authentic Thai Orchid Restaurant - Port Macquarie - This is really good Thai food - possibly best in Port Macquarie. The service was friendly and efficient. The food was tasty and the servings were good. Compared to other Thai places in town that we tried - this was by far the best. The entrance area isn't very enticing but once inside the decor is much more pleasant.
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  5. Pizza Pomodoro - Port Macquarie - They have really good pizza here. It's possibly the best in town. If you're looking for somewhere to grab a decent feed for the masses then it's better than the mass produced pizza's and at reasonable prices too.
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  6. Port City Bowling Club Club Buffet - Port Macquarie - Reasonably priced and plentiful but not awesome food. Go if you're very hungry and the budgets tight.
  7. Ricardo's Tomato's - Cafe - Port Macquarie - Pleasant place. Snacks and coffee make it a good morning or afternoon tea spot with some fresh strawberry picking as a bonus.
  8. Laurieton Seafoods on Murray - Port Macquarie - Tasty fish and chips overlooking the river while you sit outside or for take away (as most do).