La Mia Pasta
170 King St
Newtown, Sydney

There aren’t many people in this world that don’t like pasta - we certainly do. The Italians live on it and us Aussies love it too. You can cook it so many different ways and combine it with so many different sauces, it’s probably one of the most versatile ingredients on the planet.

La Mia pasta is something like a pasta haven. Sure, there are plenty of pasta places around, but there aren’t many that make their own pasta fresh every day and cook it to order, right in front of you.

La Mia Pasta opened its doors not long ago in Newtown’s famous King Street. Although its branded as a takeaway restaurant, there are plenty of tables and seats inside so you can definitely order and eat in. The restaurant has that ‘new’ feeling and one thing we noticed when first walking in was the cleanliness of the restaurant and kitchen. The place was spotless and literally shining.

At the counter we noticed a very full menu on the board. With over 100 different combinations of pasta shapes and sauces to choose from, we didn’t know where to start so we sought some assistance from the lovely staff. Ordering was basically as easy as 1,2,3. You pick your pasta, you pick your sauce and then you add any extras you may want. Beside the many pasta and sauce choices, we noticed some salads available so we started with a Greek Salad and some garlic bread as we were both very hungry.

Count N has had quite a few Greek salads in his time and this one here at La Mia Pasta was definitely a crowd pleaser. Loaded with fresh pieces of tomato and cucumber it was full of flavour. They also don’t skimp on the feta cheese here  There were plenty of chunky pieces all through the salad (our favourite part of the salad). The garlic bread was crispy and was devoured in seconds.

Our first pasta dish was a mouth-watering slow cooked beef ravioli served with a traditional Napolitana sauce - topped with fresh basil. Bursting with flavour and richness, these heavenly pillows of pasta were generously filled with the tastiest beef chunks. The sauce, La Mia Pasta’s signature tomato sauce was cooked to perfection with the right mix of herbs giving it that really authentic Italian flavour.

Next up, some fettuccine in a bolognese sauce - another hearty pasta dish. The texture of the fettuccine was al dente and quite frankly, perfect (another benefit of freshly made pasta, the texture is so superior). The freshly ground mince was plentiful in the bolognese sauce and again very light. If only we hadn’t devoured all the garlic bread in the beginning, it would have been the perfect scooping agent for the yummy sauce. Oh well!

Lastly, we decided to try the gnocchi as after two pasta dishes we thought it would be nice to try something different and moving away from tomato based sauces, we ordered it with a mushroom sauce. There is nothing worse than a tough, dry and chewy gnocchi drowned in a bland sauce. This was certainly not the case here. This freshly made gnocchi was soft, delicate and with a silky smooth texture.

The sauce, made with garlic, cream, mushrooms and a splash of white wine was delicious. A white sauce can verge on the wrong side of heavy at times, but this one was light and bursting with the natural flavours of fresh mushrooms.

La Mia pasta also has a few desserts on offer but this time, the counts had to decline. Thought the Swiss dark chocolate mousse looked quite good and almost swayed us into ordering some.

Our experience at La Mia pasta was great. The food is full of fresh ingredients and the friendly staff are on hand to answer any questions. Everything is prepared quite quickly without compromising on taste. You can pretty much bet on having your pasta prepared in under 5 minutes.

You can eat in or take away and La Mia Pasta will even deliver to your door if you live close by. Next time you are in Newtown and feel like pasta, be sure to pop in to La Mia Pasta. We certainly will visit them again.

The Counts, who review for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of La Mia Pasta. Special thanks to Nir for this invitation.

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