The Dough Collective
614 George St
Sydney CBD

Bread is the food of life. There's something about the smell - and even the look - of fresh bread.

Even talking about it now makes our mouths water a little.

If they could put the smell of freshly baked bread into an aerosol can - we'd buy it.

Dough Collective is the place on George Street with the attractive window that causes crowds to stop and stare.

In fact it stopped us - and got us inside - so it really does work!

We dropped in for a quick snack but ended up browsing a while. Plenty of other people were doing the same thing too. Eventually we decided on the Roll O'Fruits. It was a fruit loaf - but with a difference with goodies like dried cranberries, dried longan, dried lychees and dried pineapple along with plenty more. We had it later and it was certainly tasty.

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