Basement 33
33 Goulburn St
Sydney CBD

Basement 33 might be a new addition to Sydney's cocktail scene, though it's certainly not an amateur bar. With a very impressive cocktail list on offer and bartenders who are true professionals, basement 33 is New York's finest, right in our neighbourhood!

As the name suggests, it's located in the basement of 33 Goulburn Street. It's tastefully decorated with a mixture of seating arrangements to cater for any group, small or large, with capacity to seat about 200 people inside. Adjacent to the main cocktail area are two private rooms, each with audiovisual capabilities, making it a perfect choice for a birthday celebration, or even a PR or corporate event.

We arrived on a Saturday night and although the venue was quite busy, we found a cosy booth to sit at. We both were in the mood for a few cocktails and after looking at the drinks menu, we definitely were in the right place.

Count J loves champagne and Count N likes vodka, so we started with the Vanilla Sky and and a Champagne Cocktail 33 Times a Day. If you like a strong cocktail, the Vanilla Sky is a good choice. With vanilla flavoured vodka and Cointreau, its a drink that makes an impression. The Champagne Cocktail 33 Times a Day was fantastic. It was mixed with the bars signature 'B33' fruit mix. We asked what that was, but unfortunately it's a house secret. It was delicious though. Count J is was extremely impressed.

After our first drink. We started getting hungry and Basement 33 has a food menu that's just as impressive as their cocktail menu. We love New York style pizzas and this place has 14 of them on offer. We choose the 'rocket to the moon' with fresh tomato, mozzarella and lashings of mouthwatering prosciutto. This pizza, with a thin crispy base, screams New York. We loved it.

It was time for another cocktail so out came the impressive drinks menu again. Count N always goes for the  healthy option if it's on offer, so when he saw 'health kick' on the menu, He had to try it. This refreshing cocktail had a gin base mixed with fruit like grapefruit and apple. He really enjoyed it. It wasn't as strong as the previous one so definitely a good choice if you like a more refreshing, fruity cocktail.

Count J followed suit on the fruit theme and ordered the Mel Ki. With a melon liqueur and Grande Mariner mixed with kiwi, it was tangy and slightly sweet. Both cocktails were consumed quite quickly so we ordered some more food as we were hungry again.

Now, if you like going out for a few drinks and having some food to share, this place is perfect. Lots of share plates to choose from and quite diverse too. You can shoes from an array of salads to antipasto plates to lovely desserts. First up we ordered the cheesy meatballs. As the name suggests, it's meatballs cooked with mozzarella and  then topped with mozzarella - Absolute cheese heaven with strings of mozzarella flowing out with each bite.

We also tried the cheesy fries which were just as cheesy and more-ish as the meatballs.

On the advice of the Waiter, we also ordered the antipasto platter. This was definitely a standout dish. This huge platter was loaded with enormous slices of prosciutto and other Italian cured meats with huge pieces of cheese and crispy Italian bread. This is a crowd pleaser and perfect for sharing!

As we finished our food we ordered one more cocktail just and studied the dessert menu. We went with a classic this time, a Gin Martini which was just as impressive as our previous drinks. It was perfectly shaken and presented beautifully. Then our dessert arrived. We were speechless. Presented in a huge mason jar, a stack of smashed waffles, Oreo biscuits, pieces of Mars bars all mixed with ice cream and topped with strawberries and whipped cream. this culinary explosion is something of a taste sensation and we highly recommend it.

Basement 33 has great vibe and is perfect for a drink or a night out with friends. The impressive fit out includes a stand-out bar that runs like a well oiled machine pumping out impressive cocktails in record time. Basement 33 is open 7 days a week.

The Counts, who are now doing reviews for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of Basement 33. Special thanks to Nathaniel Bourke of Maagnate for arranging this.

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