Brasserie Bread Single Origin 
1737 Botany Rd
Banksmeadow, Sydney

Lets face it, who doesn't like bread? We certainly do and after reading about Brasserie Bread launching Australia’s first single origin bread, we couldn't wait to try it out.

Before we get into it, you might be wondering what single origin bread actually is?

Well, its bread made from grain that originates from a single source. It can be traced back to the farmer and the region where it was grown and I have to say, it was quite unique and delicious.

We were at a media launch at the brasserie bakery in Banksmeadow and upon arrival were greeted by a succulent lamb roasting on a spit. What a great way to be greeted!

The bakery had a real rustic feel to it and although the menu on the board detailed some very tantalising food, tonight was all about the bread.

First up we were offered of selection drinks and we opted for a glass of 2010 Lowe Gentlemans daughter Pinot Noir Chardonnay. 

A great drop and we even met David Lowe, the Founder of the wine company who explained to us the unique fermentation process of the grapes. We definitely will be looking out for Lowe wines from now on.

Sydney breweries' Lovedale Lager and Sydney Cider were also on offer!

Trays of pizza started being served.The smell of wood fired pizza was evident and there were two pizzas on offer - the Bianco with thinly sliced kindler potatoes and a very tasty Margherita with buffalo mozzarella.

Both pizzas had a thin base made from the single origin sourdough, and although thin, the base had a unique fullness to it which gave it a crispy texture.

It was crispy and stayed crispy.

Further up was a very impressive bread station showcasing the single origin sourdough.

The bread was accompanied by two types of sheep's curd from Pecora dairy station in Robertson.

A savoury version mixed with tarragon, chives and drizzled with alto robust oil and a sweet version, drizzled with kangaroo Island honey. Both were nice and creamy and combined well with the sourdough bread.

Knowing where your food comes from is very important.

After hearing Brasserie Bread co founder Michael Klausen explain how the single origin is produced and where it originated, we understand why the bread is so flavoursome.

Michael introduced one of the farmers from South Australia who produces the wheat and we also watched a short video (click here to see it).

It was now time to try the succulent lamb that had been slow cooking on the spit - which by the way, had been carved right in front of  us by chef Jared Ingersoll.

On beautiful wooden trays, we were served two types of lamb burgers, one with fennel, coriander and pomegranate and the other with Radicchio.
The burgers were made with a milky bun, made with Flinders Ranges Premium Grain flour and had a hint of sweetness. They were just mouthwatering!

Brasserie Bread is an impressive place with impressive products.

They put a lot of time, effort and thought into making a product that is unique and very high quality - and it shows. Now that we've tried their products and heard the story behind them, we'll be back.

The Counts, who are now doing reviews for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of Brasserie Bread.

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