Malay-Italian Home Meal

Despite the fact that we eat out a huge number of nights each week we still like to cook at home! Sometimes we like to take our time and make everything from scratch while at other times we like a quick meal. This was super quick. While particular foods from certain countries are always appealing we do like to mix and match as well. This night we were trying a fusion of Malaysian and Italian - but a fast version.
The big question for us was - what to fuse with what? We decided to keep the base as Italian and fuse this with Malaysian spices and condiments. Do you call this Malay-Italian or Italaysian? Not really sure but it turned out to be quick and quite tasty too!

Our first dish, our starter, was bruschetta. First we grilled some garlic infused sourdough as the bread base. Then we chopped up some Roma tomatoes and some Spanish onion.

Finally we mixed it all with a quite spicy Lingham's Chilli Sauce. It certainly added some kick and combined well with the tomato and onion. Normally we'd add some fresh basil as well but sadly we didn't have any on this occasion.

So many people have told us that they use Lebanese bread to make a quick pizza. We've tried it quite a few times and they are a simple fast way to make a crispy based pizza. This version had a spicy twist.

Instead of tomato paste on the base we spread a generous amount o0f Happy BBQ Satay Sauce on it. Then some mozzarella and finally plenty of chicken breast and a few shallots for colour and flavour. It's a very quick very simple way to make a tasty pizza!

Our second pizza was another easy one.

We started with the same base of Lebanese bread but this time we topped it with Yeo's Sambal Oeleck giving it a nice kick.

Again some tender chicken breast and shallots on top completed it.

So simple and ready in 5 minutes!

So after bruschetta and two pizzas it's obvious what to have next - pasta! We grabbed some ready made tri-colour pasta. As we already had some chicken breast we simply  it with some Yeo's Sambal Oeleck, some Jeeny's Tamarind Puree, a dash of Lingham's Chilli Sauce and some Jeeny's Palm Sugar to slightly reduce the sourness. Once cooked together we added a sprinkle of Doree Fried Garlic on top and we had our sweet and sour chicken pasta. A bit less tamarind puree and a bit more palm sugar makes it a bit sweeter.

Even though we sometimes eat out every day of the week, we do like to cook at home and enjoy experimenting with flavour combinations to create something different. We do like Italian but often infuse it with other flavours to add a kick. Don't be shy to experiment - you may discover your new favourite dish!

Sir and Mlady's Malay-Italian home cooking was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.