The Crow Bar and Kitchen
6 Burlington St
Crows Nest

The Crow Bar and Kitchen has landed in Crows Nest and added another great option to this thriving restaurant and bar precinct.

They use their space so well - with bar seating and front window benches as well as tables in both the front and back rooms. It has subdued lighting and an array of bird cages hanging from the ceiling that add great charm and atmosphere. The menu changes seasonally, but don't fret because the favourites are kept.

Owners Kerry, Tracy and John - the three crows themselves - have a wealth of experience in hospitality and bars and it shows in both the venue, the little touches and the way you feel so welcome and comfortable there.

We started with a lovely dish of oregano marinated olives topped with feta. Described as big bad Sicilian and Kalamata olives assaulted with a herb explosion, it attracted our attention straight away. 

There's something about olives that just seem to start a meal perfectly. These were nicely presented, with a pip bowl, and toothpicks for easy access to the goodies.

We love croquettes and love experiencing the variations and varieties that different places have on offer.

The jazzy croquettes - their name - were both creamy and crunchy. They had a lovely crisp crust and were filled with a three cheese centre that oozed and tasted delicious.

They came served with a tasty chunky cherry jam that went perfectly!

Whilst vegetables and salads aren't my normal first choices, the crunchy green beans sounded great. These weren't your average plain beans though. They were steamed nicely to retain their crunch and topped with a generous mound of chilli, garlic, pine nuts and feta.

The extras added so much complexity of flavours and textures to these humble beans. They had a real kick and were very tasty!

Whilst Mlady isn't a big lamb eater, but I love it.

The tender lamb on the menu was actually Indian spiced lamb skewers that came served with minted yoghurt.

The lamb had quite a punch to it as well which I really enjoyed, but mellowed by the minted yoghurt to take the edge off it. The lamb was certainly nice and tender as well - yum.

The prawns were probably the dish of the night for us both! They were cooked in a rich chilli cream sauce and served with a garlic baguette. This sauce was to die for!

We both used the bread to soak up the sauce and Mlady wanted a spoon after this to finish the rest off - oink!

I'm glad we didn't have straws with our drinks!

A lot of bars have sliders these days and we both think this is a good thing! Sliders give you a chance to enjoy a burger or two and not feel bloated or overly full.

The sliders available this night at Crow Bar were lamb - which was certainly fine by me!

They normally come in a serving of four with a side of the crunchiest and tastiest chips we've had the pleasure of devouring.

Sliders, chips and sauce are such a great nibble/snack/meal with a nice drink.

The lamb inside these ones was lovely and juicy and the whole slider was packed with big flavours. The fillings do change regularly as well so check what's on offer.

The Crow Bar and Kitchen is a lovely place. Their menu leaves you spoiled for choice - there's something for everyone on it. You're well looked after there too - it has a very comfortable relaxed feel to it - you just want to settle in and stay!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of The Crow Bar and Kitchen. Special thanks to owners Kerry, Tracy and John for inviting us and for looking after us on our visit.

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