Four Frogs Creperie
175 Avenue Rd
Mosman, Sydney

Four Frogs Creperie is one of the new kids on the block in Mosman. They have an extensive range of savoury (galettes) and sweet crepes.

Started by four French friends who love Australia by and wanted to bring quality French crepes here - the venture has clearly caught hold and taken off.

Four Frogs Creperie has both indoor and outdoor seating and does take away as well. They are open 7 days a week but long enough for dinner from Thursday to Saturday - or an early dinner on Sunday. It's a cosy place that sits around 50 people but it certainly isn't cramped.

If you have never had a real French crepe then you really don't know what you are missing!

Ever tried French cider - well its worth a go! Four Frogs Creperie has three varieties of cider - sweet, medium and dry.

Mlady tried the medium and I tried the dry. We both loved it. The ciders "Cidre Artisanal de Normandie" were all from the Normandy region in Northern France. They were served to us in tea cups and we had quite a few during dinner - it was absolutely delicious and it was impossible to stop at one!

Mlady chose a mouthwatering combination - which was a spinach, feta, mushroom and avocado galette.

They arrive quickly at the table - they don't take long to cook. The galettes are wafer thin, crisp on the outside with plenty of hot tasty filling inside.

It's mesmerising watching them being made as well. Their creation is an art form that ends up tasting delicious too!

Four Frogs Creperie have a standard menu to choose from but they also have various specials available that vary from day to day.

I had one of their specials - duck confit, onion, mushroom and goats cheese. I love duck with almost anything and this combination was again great. We both also received tangy fresh green salads with our main courses.

Crepes are most commonly associated with desserts. Our first choice was the crepe with coconut ice cream and drizzled with home made dark Belgian chocolate sauce.

Coconut and chocolate go so well together. We were meant to share our desserts but I only managed a taste of this one - Mlady wouldn't share any more!

Choice number two was the crepe with white chocolate ice cream, salted caramel sauce and grilled almonds.

It was again delicious.

The salted caramel went beautifully with the almonds and ice cream. It was sweet, nutty and tangy.

The French flag atop it added a nice touch.

Our final dessert - yes we had three (but they were singles rather than doubles) - was a Grand Marnier crepe flambe with home made dark Belgian chocolate sauce and grilled almonds.

We both love flambe dishes - they add so much flair to meals!

Mlady described this one as tasting like a giant jaffa - and it did with the Grand Marnier blending beautifully with the chocolate.
Four Frogs Creperie is the place to go for great quality crepes and galettes. If you haven't tried them you should. The whole place smells so good too and you can watch your meal being created and cooked if you want to. It's like dinner and a show! Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Four Frogs Creperie. Thanks to Johanna for looking after us and also to Lana and Victoria. It was great to watch the work of chefs Kevin and Nina too! Special thanks as well to Florian for arranging our visit. 

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