Bridge Street Garage
17-19 Bridge St.
Sydney CBD

Bridge Street Garage has a lovely feel to it as soon as you walk in the door.

The decor is a blend of 1950's diner and industrial workshop/garage with bright car related murals on the walls and exposed ducting and caged lightbulbs above.

Its a surprisingly large place as well but without a cavernous feel.

It has a front bar area for drinks and food which leads through to extremely spacious booths near the open kitchen area and then on to small and larger group tables in the rear section.

There's a variety of spaces for whatever your need may be.

We couldn't resist a few starters - and there are plenty of options that sounded very appealing!

First up were the empanadas - described as pastry parcels filled with herbs and spices and a choice of beef mince or sweetcorn filling, served with a chimichurri sauce.

They were really good with great flavour and the chimichurri sauce was to die for!!!

We then moved on to the provoleta - oh wow this was amazing - really amazing!

It was billed as Argentinian-style grilled provolone served with a chimichurri sauce and toasted herbed sourdough.

The intense flavours and diverse textures here were fantastic. It's a rich dish that may be to rich for some tastes - but it is a real winner!

My main course was a specialty of the house - beef ribs.

All the meat here has come from pasture fed stock and its packed with flavour!

It was an absolutely huge serving and the beef was very tender and very tasty.

It came with a dipping sauce and a side of rocket salad.

Mlady had the mini burger sliders - which we thought would be two sliders but turned out to be four! She had two mini versions each of the Gaucho
and Garage burgers. The Garage burger was an all-beef patty with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, pineapple, bacon, pickles and sauces in a toasted bun. The Gaucho burger, was a beef patty with Spanish onions, radicchio and cheese in a toasted bun. These little beauties were very tasty with great quality and quantities and nice bite!

As a side to the sliders was a serving of hand cut chips.

They came in a very cute basket and there was a surprisingly large number of them.

The chips were also very tasty and appropriately nice and crispy!

I loved the sound of the creme caramel with
white dog moonshine - not just for the contents but also for the name! It was crème caramel with a kick because it came with a whiskey-infused sauce.

I almost expected the sauce to be a bit over the top but it turned out to be quite subtle. This allowed it to combine well with the creme caramel rather than overpower it. It was lovely.

Mlady loves cheesecake and often orders it so the New York cheesecake caught her eye.

The menu at Bridge Street Garage says: "It’s a classic for a reason, and one slice will be enough to convince you why."

Well Mlady can verify that bold statement - it was certainly a good cheesecake.

Bridge Street Garage is the creation of head chef Oscar Gorosito who hails from Argentina but has fine tuned his cooking skills in many countries. We chatted with Oscar and his passion was very evident - he has a strong vision for Bridge Street Garage and is clearly determined to set high standards!

The concept here is high quality produce and food in good quantities at affordable prices. The food that we ate clearly showed this was being delivered.

Bridge Street Garage are open for lunch on Monday and Tuesday but lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Saturday. On busy days they can feed well over 500 people! 

Bridge Street Garage is a great place to visit for a drink, a drink and a nibble or a full evening. You may even start with a drink and just end up staying - we saw people doing this on our visit.

You get high quality comfort food and it comes in good sized servings.

The decor is very cheerful and memorable and the service was also attentive, friendly and helpful.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Bridge Street Garage. Special thanks to Oscar Gorosito and also to Eve Mackinnon of NAC Media for arranging our visit. Thanks also to Lee for looking after us on the night.

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