Lucio Pizzeria
1/248 Palmer St
Darlinghurst, Sydney

Chef and owner Lucio De Falco has created an inviting restaurant here. 

It's a pleasant decor that welcomes you instantly.

Lucio has gained a strong reputation for outstanding pizza - but the rest of the food available here is also amazing too - as we discovered. 

The restaurant has an interesting indoor/outdoor combination.

There are a few tables inside but a larger cabana area attached to the front provides cover for most of the tables.

Candles and heaters spread a romantic warm glow of light across the venue. 

We started with the antipasti misto for two - although in reality it could probably have fed double that number of people!

It was impressive to look at and amazing to eat!

We loved the small dough bases with tomato and Parmesan. These were like a cross between pizza and bread and they were so incredibly light and soft and also extremely tasty. 

The list goes on and on as to what was there - but it included house baked thick bread sticks, char grilled marinated eggplant, char grilled capsicum, char grilled pumpkin, char grilled zucchini, prosciutto wrapped melon, croquettes, arancini balls, fetta, olives.

Everything is prepared in house and this was one of the best antipasti's we have had due to the variety of flavours, textures and also the quantities.

Lucio is known for it's pizza - and by this we mean they are actually quite famous. They've been rated as the number one pizzeria in NSW by Time Out Sydney. We started with a filetto which had mozzarella, cherry tomato, rocket, prosciutto and shaved Parmesan. This was a beautiful topping, a beautiful base and a pizza so full of flavour and freshness. It was a great combination and we loved it. You also get a bowl of chilli oil to spice your pizza up if you want to.

Our second choice was the speciality of the house - The Lucio. Here you get a two for one, with half margherita and half calzone. The margherita was delicious. The base was again fantastic and the basil was so fresh and tasty. The calzone was filled with ricotta, mozzarella and ham and it was also excellent.

The Lucio is a truly unique and cleverly created pizza. It's incredibly tasty and we could easily see why it is so popular. 

Of course a lovely meal needs a lovely wine to go with it! We had a bottle of Villa Puccini Toscana 2009 which went perfectly.

Our first dessert was one of the specials available - tortino.

This was brilliant. It was a thin layer of cake encasing a hot chocolate sauce that was so yummy. The chocolate centre just oozed everywhere when we cut through the light crust.

We devoured it and it was one of the best chocolate desserts we have ever had. If you're a chocoholic you MUST have this!

Our second dessert was the wonderful Italian classic - tiramisu. This version was made in house to an old recipe. The tiramisu was light, soft, fluffy and oh so scrumptious. It was again a good sized serving too - great for sharing if you have to!

A couple of glasses of limoncello went perfectly with our desserts. It was home made with no chemicals and not overly bitter - no pulling "cats bottom" faces here!

Once you've visited Lucio Pizzeria, it's easy to understand why it is rated so highly. The food is classic Italian at its finest. The service is attentive and impeccable and the decor is pleasant and comfortable. It's well worth visiting!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Lucio Pizzeria. Special thanks to Lucio De Falco. Thanks also to Frank and Manvela (who provided a brief Italian food history lesson as well) and who looked after us so well on our visit.

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