Bert's Pies
Available at many Merivale venues

Merivale have decided to add to their already massive variety of food offerings by bringing us all Bert's Pies named after Bettina Hemmes - pie lover and nicknamed Bert.

These pies were the winner in a Merivale competition among their chefs - with Alex Woolley of the three hatted est. restaurant taking the honours.

We started our evening with the new sausage rolls  that are also available - Bert's Pork and Fennel Sausage Rolls.

The pastry was so flaky and tasty and the pork and fennel filling went perfectly and was packed with flavour.

The tomato sauce was nice too - it was homemade and was quite mild.

Then we started on the pie - the reason we were all here at Palings Kitchen and Bar.

The pie was extremely tasty with good chunky pieces of tender beef surrounded by a delicious gravy. The pastry was again great as well.

Add some smooth mash and sauteed winter greens and you certainly have a great meal that is also very affordable.

Bert's Pies are a great addition to the menu's of a wide range of Merivale venues. They aren't available at all their places - but quite a few. Give them a go - we loved them and the others at our media function seemed to as well.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Merivale. Special thanks to Rebecca Gibbs for arranging this Exclusive Media Tasting Dinner.