Parramatta Phoenix
Westfield Parramatta
Shop 4070, 159 - 175 Church St

Parramatta, Sydney

A Sunday yum cha is one of lifes pleasures. Parramatta Phoenix is part of the Phoenix chain that has restaurants across Sydney and they all seem to do quite well. This one was certainly no exception.

We were there early but there were still a surprisingly large  number of people spread across the place - even though we were in a quieter corner. It was full and had a long queue outside when we left.

We both love garlic chive dumplings - particularly the steamed ones - but the fried dumplings are almost as good.

They came in a serving of three and were nice and crisp on the outside with a lovely filling of prawns and garlic chives inside.

Somehow we always end up with one version or the other of these tasty morsels. This time it was eventually both.

The prawn noodles are such a simple dish - yet so nice. The scallops are similar again - juicy scallops in super crisp pastry are a great combination.

Some people like crispy beef and others don't. Its a dish that can sometimes polarise opinions. Its basically strips of beef that are lightly battered and deep fried to crisp them up and then they are coated in a tangy sauce. It's one I like if the beef still stays crisp after the sauce goes on. This version didn't disappoint.

The steamed garlic chive and prawn dumplings are always a winner. I cant recall having a bad version of these.

We always finish with the typical egg custard tarts that almost every place has in one form or another. Its Mlady's favourite.

These ones had lovely light pastry and the custard was rich and full of flavour. They were warm as well - the best way to have them!

Parramatta Phoenix is a solid yum cha destination with plenty of space, good service (the trolleys were very regularly appearing) and nice food.

It's popular so get in early or be prepared to wait - particularly on weekends.

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