The Meat & Wine Co
31 Wheat Rd
Darling Harbour

Its a great location looking right down the middle of Darling Harbour. They've certainly taken advantage of it as well with an indoor/outdoor feel to the place and the entire open frontage providing views out onto the promenade and on to the water beyond.

I was dining with the Princess and she chose The Meat & Wine Co largely because she walks past it most days and it was one of the few places in the Darling Harbour/Cockle Bay area she hadn't tried yet. It turned out to be fairly good.

It was an earlyish dinner and as we had both had decent lunches we decided to just order mains. Unusually for us we both chose the same thing - the grain fed 120 days 300 gm New Yorker cut steak with super crunchy chips. It was a decent sized piece of meat that was cooked to order for me but sadly not cooked to order for the Princess. She had ordered hers medium and it was clearly quite overcooked. The chips were actually super crunchy (true to the blurb) and presented nicely in a hot copper ring that looked great and kept them warm. We each ordered a side sauce - mine was green peppercorn and the Princess had creamy mushroom. They were bothy rich and creamy and certainly not subtle. The green peppercorn sauce had a real kick to it unlike some of the milder ones I've had elsewhere.

The Meat & Wine Co at Darling Harbour has great views. The service is excellent. The food is solid but possibly a bit variable which was a pity.

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