Pablo & Rusty's Espresso Bar
42 Langston Place
Epping, Sydney

Pablo and Rusty's are a group of shops scattered across Sydney. They have expanded their empire quite a bit over the years so a visit to see what the fuss was all about was long overdue.

Its an interesting place that clearly focuses heavily on their coffee.  They have several large share tables inside with a few smaller tables along the wall and in the room at the back. You order at the counter for both eat in and take away. There's a menu on a board beside the counter with a range of food options - plenty of eggs, ham, avocado, tomato and sour dough things.

Service is fast and friendly.

A bacon and egg roll is an old favourite. I hadn't had one for quite a while (Mlady please note that!) so it was almost a craving that needed satisfying. You know what its like! It was described on the menu as bacon and free range egg roll with Pablo and Rusty's tomato relish. What arrived was certainly really nice. The roll was slightly crisp on the outside and the bacon and egg combo was tasty. The relish was different to tomato sauce - as expected - being slightly sweeter but very tasty too. At $7.50 for either eat in or take away it's not overpriced either.

The coffee here is really good. It was better than I expected even though the group has been growing well. My coffee had very full flavours and aroma - possibly a bit intense if you like your coffee weak but lovely if you like it medium to strong. It certainly hit the spot and I enjoyed it a lot. A regular cup costs $3.50 which is well priced too.

Pablo and Rusty's is a good place to grab some interesting food and a good coffee.

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