Miso Japanese Restaurant
680 George St (World Square)
Sydney CBD

Miso is an unobtrusive place - you almost don't notice it. Even though it has a fairly long frontage onto the mall it doesn't scream at you. I think a lot of people have walked past this place and not even noticed it. Again it was a lunch time demand that had me here and a rush that had me ordering take-away rather than eating there.

The counter for ordering take-away actually opens on top the mall so you don't go inside the shop. After ordering you get a numbered docket showing what you are awaiting - and you produce this to confirm you are the rightful owner of the food when its ready.

I chose the pork fillet don because it looked good and ample. It turned out to be exactly that - good and ample.

This meal is always something of a grab bag. You get bits of everything - sometimes focusing on quantity and variety at the expense of quality. This time the combinations were good and the quality was the same. The pork was extremely juicy but crisp and tasty at the same time. At $9.80 it was a decent feed for lunch at a decent price. I now look forward to trying some other dishes there.

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