Mad Mex
247 Crown St
Darlinghurst, Sydney

When you're drifting around the Darlinghurst area at night and hungry you can do a lot worse than to drop in at Mad Mex. We've eaten at a few of their places now and its always been a similar experience. The food is fresh and fast and the service is friendly and fast.

The hardest thing about any visit is choosing - as their are quite a few options.

The soft taco's - they come in a serving of two - are a great filler for when you aren't after the equivalent feeling you get from a large three course meal. They are substantial though.

Each taco is doubled up - so you get four - and they come with all the options available. You will usually get asked if you want black beans with them - as some do and some don't. Its then down to what type of meat - I chose pork - and then the fillings like tomato, lettuce, rice, cheese. The big question is how hot you want your sauce - mild, medium or hot. I always get guacamole - even though it costs $2.00 extra.

The basic two serve of soft taco's costs $8.90 which isn't bad.

Of course if you are after the whole big meal feeling then you should choose the burrito.

It comes as a serving of one - but its a big one and filling. The same process applies here in terms of choosing fillings, sauces etc.

They heat the burrito briefly before filling it and it is actually easier to eat than the soft taco's as its wrapped. This is a significant thing as the unwrapped items could be a bit messy if you're not very careful.

A burrito costs $9.80 and is hearty, tasty and filling.

Mad Mex is a nice place for a fast, fresh and affordable Mexican fix.

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