Ichi-Ban Boshi Express
Lower Ground Floor
500 George St
Sydney CBD

Ichi-Ban is synonymous with good hearty quick noodles and other food. Ichi-Ban Boshi Express is all this but faster - for eating there in the nearby seating or for taking away to enjoy somewhere else. I was after the latter option for my lunch. Service was pretty quick. You order at the front counter and are given a beeper. Once your meal is ready - which is usually in about 5 minutes - you take the beeper to the counter and exchange it for your meal. Its a simple and effective system that seems to work.

You can also order extras - or toppings as they are described on the menu board. I chose chicken karage basically because it looked so good in the picture. Sometimes this can be risky but this time it turned out to be almost better than the photo.

It seemed that I got more chicken than the pictures showed. It was delicious too. Crispy on the outside and tender inside and only $3.00. Bargain.

The Tokyo ramen also looked good in the pictures there. It came in a large serving with a great base and plenty of full flavour.

I actually thought it was pretty good and as it only cost $9.80 it was reasonably priced as well. It was tasty, hearty and filling.

Ichi-Ban Boshi Express is a decent option for a fast, filling and decent meal.

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