Hula Juice Bar
103-105 West Row
Old Town, Edinburgh

Interesting place this. Not a lot of hula-ing done in Edinburgh I suspect so a juice bar called Hula is probably the closest you'll get. They serve a diverse range of juice combo's and some food as well. Mlady had a Ginger Jack - a blend of carrot, ginger, apple and orange juice. She said it was excellent - great flavours and very refreshing. 

I wanted something a bit more substantial - no great surprise there - so I ordered coffee and cheese on toast. It turned out to be great.

The coffee was really nice - considering it was a juice bar - with good aroma and flavour. The cheese on toast was as good as it looked - really good!

The cheese was a cheddar and the bread was high grain so it had plenty of flavour and bite and plenty of crunch.

Hula is quite popular. It has an interesting vibe, good service, pleasant decor and really nice food and drinks.

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