Tokonoma Lounge
490 Crown St
Surry Hills

We had a voucher for a 12 course meal at Tokonoma and as it was about to expire we booked in. It was a Thursday evening and our booking had to be at either 6:30pm or 8:30pm.

It turned out to be a decent meal - but as every other person who's been here has commented on - it's very dark inside.

We had a great variety of dishes but our favourites were the soft shell crab (so nice), the tempura calamari and the seared scotch fillet (rare and melts in the mouth). Some of the other dishes were nice but as always with set menu's you get some things you love and others you find ok.

The meal ended with a dessert platter. As with every dish here, presentation was brilliant. They take a lot of pride in how their dishes look and there's a wow factor each time something arrives at the table.

Our dessert consisted on two gelato's - pear and mango, sitting on a block of ice. Beside this was a tub of creme brulee and some fresh fruit. It was a good combination and they all tasted great.

Tokonoma serves lovely food that is beautifully presented. If you get to choose your own dishes its even better. Its a classy place that's well worth visiting. They probably need to put an extra light or two in but apart from that its great.

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