Gelato Messina389 Crown St
Surry Hills

I love gelato - who doesn't - especially good gelato. The folks at Gelato Messina clearly do gelato well - they now have several shops and all of them have crowds there lining up to buy their goodies.

We were on Crown St one weekday evening and spied people with gelato cones. This, not surprisingly, triggered an irresistible urge to buy gelato. So when we reached Messina we joined the queue and ventured inside.
There are so many great flavours to choose from. It's hard to know what to get. Mlady decided to be good so it was just Sir dithering at the counter trying to make a choice.

In the end one of the many great specials made the list - Apple Pie v2.0. What a great combination - spiced vanilla gelato with salted caramel apple and cream cheese pie. Wow. Of course anything with salted caramel is a winner. The second one to make the list was the salted caramel and white chocolate. Yes I know there's a lot of "salted" in the choices but hey - its good. There were plenty of shards of white chocolate as well.

This was a perfect way to end an evening in beautiful downtown Surry Hills after a nice meal. If you see a Gelato Messina - don't let the queue put you off. Jump on the end and enjoy the fruits of your patience!

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