Cafe in the Crypt
Duncannon St
Charring Cross

This is such a unique place. many may not like the thought of a tearoom under a church 9or the idea of walking on old headstones) but everyone agrees it is both unique and memorable. The ceiling is lovely brickwork that makes you stop and stare. They have lit it up beautifully too.
The sandwich with poached chicken, crispy bacon and pea shoots sounded as good as it tasted - and it tasted pretty good.

It was a nice blend of flavours that went well inside bread. It was reasonable value too at only 3.95. We ended up having half each as a nice snack with a drink.
Whoever thought of laying these old headstones in the ground as the flooring was certainly seeing things differently to the rest of the world. It turned out to be an amazing thing though. Its so interesting looking at these little pieces of history.

It's also amazing watching the different reactions. Some people keep stopping to read them. Others try not to walk on them and end up leaping and contorting to achieve this. Others again are almost oblivious to it all.

If you're near St Martins in the Field drop in. Its a place you'll never forget!

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