Radio Cairo
83 Spofforth St
Cremorne, NSW 02090

We'd heard good things about this place so we thought we'd try it at short notice on a Saturday and fluked a booking. Just as well we booked - it was busy - and just as well we went - it was excellent.

I cant remember what these things were called but they seemed like they were a type of curry puff. They were smallish but had plenty of flavour and came with a really tangy and tasty dipping sauce as well.

The Roti Wrap was one large roti wrapped around a vegetarian filling of potato, pumpkin and various other adornments in a flavoursome but not overly spicy combination. The tomato salsa on top added some moistness - not that it was particularly needed. 

The Nile perch and prawns curry was amazing. So delicate and yet so full of flavour and taste. It was (kind of) like a very mild green curry - except that it had a combination of lime and coconut milk in the curry base. We both really enjoyed this dish.

When you see the word "Buzzard" on the menu it either draws you in or scares you away. For us - it drew us in and we had to try it. It turns out that the buzzard is (most probably) chicken anyway - but it was a tasty mild red curry type of combination that looked great and disappeared quickly.

Rice is rice. Although this was billed as something special it was simply rice to the taste. There was nothing wrong with it though - it was certainly light and fluffy and well cooked. For me - I don't like dead flies in it (sultanas) - but that's a personal preference.

I know that creme brulee with toffee blueberries is not African (or from anywhere near there really) but it looked good on the menu and she just had to have it - admittedly as soon as she saw the words creme brulee it was always going to be chosen! It was a big serving of CB in a large tea cup with a tasty combo of fruit and sweetness beside it - which soon became on top of it.

On the other hand I wanted a palate freshener and on seeing the minted green tea ice cream with rose water (and rose petal) I found it. This packed a lot of flavour into one dish - what a lovely combination that was so refreshing and so tasty. I loved every mouthful of it.

Radio Cairo is a quirky place. The service was friendly, helpful and very good. Couldn't fault it actually. The food was extremely tasty and flavoursome. The decor is quirky and interesting - you can watch old movies (silent of course) playing on small framed screens above you - King Kong was on with Fay Wray. Parking is difficult but you will find it eventually - probably down a side street. Its BYO and licenced - we took wine. It cost $95.00 for our three course meal for two - and it was great food and well worth going there.

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