N2 Extreme Gelato43/1 Dixon St
Haymarket, Sydney

N2 is a very cool place (pun intended). The concept of making gelato using liquid nitrogen and fresh ingredients sounds like a winner - and it is.

The place is busy, but not as packed as we expected it to be. It has a Frankenstein feel to it with mist flowing out from the machines from time to time flooding the bench and surrounding areas.

The service is also very friendly and helpful. There are a variety of flavours listed on the blackboard behind the cash register and some prices next to them on another board.

I chose the Miso Happy in a single serving. It was a combination of miso with salted caramel and peanuts.

Unlike many of the combinations here the salted caramel and peanuts were scooped on top rather than mixed through the gelato.

There were plenty of peanuts on top and the salted caramel was indeed salted - but not unpleasantly.

A single serving in a cup costs $6.00 - and its a decent sized serving too.

Her choice wes the blackberry cheesecake. It was full of blackberries - you could see and taste them. It also had a distinct cheesecake flavour as well.

The colour and flavour combination went really well. Again this was $6.00 for a single serving.

N2 Extreme Gelato is a great concept. The flavours are unique but really good. Its a popular place, but not yet as popular as it will be. It's going to be a huge hit this summer.

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