Jean Pierre Sancho
878 Hay St
Perth CBD

Its a high benchmark when a place advertises that its been "voted Australia's best bakery". In fact this is printed on their bags, serviettes - basically everything. The real question was - is it really that good? Well it certainly was nice - but the best is alwe\ays hard to tell.
I ordered a croissant and a coffee. The croissant was straight - not an Aussie horseshoe style - which was good. It had a really nice flavour, the pastry was nice and flaky and it was a decent size too.
I couldn't resist one of these sugar brioche rolls. I loved the smaller version of these in Paris and the larger one was really nice too - not as good as the French ones but good. At only $1.90 it was reasonably priced too.
I have to confess that I love a good palmier. So when I saw these large ones here I had to get one to go. Later when I had time to eat it I discovered it was very nice. Light and flaky with a great syrupy texture to it.
They serve a decent cup of coffee here as well. Nice flavours, good in every way.
Jean Pierre Sancho is a really good bakery. Is it the best in Australia - obviously it is for a lot of people. I cant agree or disagree - but I can say that the food there was very good.

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