Andaluz Bar and Tapas
21 Howard St
Perth CBD

This is a popular place - so be prepared to wait. We enjoyed a leisurely drink at the bar for quite a while before we were seated - but they kept us updated and were polite and attentive. I was dining with good friends D and W and had been keen to go here for a while.
We started with the mixed olives marinated in citrus, garlic and thyme. There was certainly a variety of sizes. The smallest ones are always a bit fiddly - but the flavours were good. This dish cost $7.00.
The croquettes were a hit. They contained spiced pumpkin, sage and aged goats cheese and came in a serving of four. The insides were a smooth paste with tasty chunks of goodies as well. They came lightly crumbed and cost $14.00.
We then moved on to our order of grilled flat bread with marinated labna. The bread was torn into chunks and the labna was smooth and went well with the bread. This dish cost $9.00.
Any dish that starts with the words fried and buttermilk has already got my attention. So the fried buttermilk chicken wings with pimento hot sauce, smoked salt and lime was always on my list of dishes to order. The wings were nice and the sauce was tasty too - but certainly not hot. The dish cost $15.00.

The chorizotos with lemon sounded simple and everyone always loves chorizo don't they? These were small chorizo's - hence the chorizoto name. They were certainly tangy and very tasty. They came out in a decent sized serving and were cooked perfectly. This dish cost $13.00. 
We ended up with a nice Spanish red - the Romanico 'Teso la Monja' Tempranillo '10 from D. O. Toro Spain. Wines aren't cheap here - this one was at the lower end at $58.00 - but there's a good list and plenty of choices from Spain and Argentina as well.
I'm not 100% sure what this dish was - but I think it was grilled snapper. It was recommended by our waitress who was extremely helpful during the whole evening. The dish tasted nice anyway and I'm not sure what it cost but probably just under $20.00 I imagine.

For me the dish of the night was the mushrooms with crispy speck, tallegio and sage. The mixture of different mushrooms was excellent and the baked whole garlic cloves were also delicious and everything combined perfectly. The crispy speck also gave it all a little extra hit. This dish was $17.00.

We had a couple of lounges in front of a fireplace. We couldn't have picked a better spot - except we didn't pick this one - it was chosen for us. Great choice and thank you!

Andaluz Bar and Tapas is very popular and therefore very busy. It has lovely decor, great service and excellent food. While the drinks are pricey this place is certainly well worth visiting.

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