Gogo Bar
125 Flinders Lane
Melbourne CBD
Gogo Bar is under (or downstairs) from Chin Chin. It is a pleasant place but probably gets a lot of business from people waiting for a table upstairs. That was how we ended up there. The good thing is it's a nice place with some tasty morsels to nibble while you wait - you can basically have your entrees here.
Our first selection was the grilled roti madtarbak filled with Indian spiced beef and accompanied with a cucumber relish. This was very tasty. The roti was lightly crisped and the relish - which was more of a thin sauce really - was also lovely. This cost $12.00.
We then had the dip with roti. I'd love to tell you what was in the dip but I actually don't remember. It may have been tamarillo (its started with a T anyway). It was sweet and spicy all in one with thick chunks in it and plenty of what seemed to be sweet chilli sauce. It was only $6.50 and was possibly the best value item on the menu there.

Gogo Bar is certainly the best place to wait for your table at Chin Chin. The drinks aren't cheap but its a nice place.

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