Spice I Am
90 Wentworth St

Lunching (again) with D, N and Z is always a pleasure - and not just because they love a good meal - although that helps! A good meal in good company is hard to beat. We had been chatting about eating at Spice I Am for a while and our diaries aligned at last for this. The menu has many old favourites and a few new ones too.
 We started with the mini curry puffs. They come in a serving of 6 tasty treats. They were really nice - but really small. We all agreed they were extremely tasty and at $7.90 a serving it was decent value. There was no doubting their fresh crispness and the dipping sauce went well too.
We then moved on to the mini spring rolls. Again we were served 6 for $7.90 and again they were certainly mini. This was seen as a bonus as we were able to have more options for the meal. They were crisp and tasty and disappeared very quickly.
The next entree we chose was the mini pork satay skewers. they came in a serving of five for $7.90. The pork was extremely tender and the satay sauce was very tasty too - we even kept it after the skewers had been polished off.
Red curry chicken is always a winner. This one was close. The one thing that hit us hard with this dish was the curry level. It was hot - a bit unexpectedly. We were able to eat and finish it but it would have been nice to know this. The curry levels cant be changed - we asked afterwards - but perhaps the menu should have some coding like one, two or three chilli's for the heat level. It was nice though - but hot.

We then moved on to a generous serving of pad prik king - or crispy pork belly. This was - for me - the dish of the day. It was amazing. The pork belly was crisp and crunchy on the outside and tender inside. The sauce was great too. Its a signature dish of Spice I Am - and its so easy to see why. Don't miss this if you go here - trust me (do I ever lie to you???). At $17.90 its also a bargain.  

Who doesn't order the old favourite - chicken pad thai? Not us - we ordered it - but then again we usually do wherever we go. It might be a bit routine but at least we can speak honestly about the relative standards for this standard dish. The verdict was - we rated this dish very highly. Some went as far as top say it was equal best - a big call that we all didn't agree on. But we did all agree it was up there!
The meal was accompanied with a serving of rice for four.

Spice I Am is very good. We all enjoyed it and considered it well worth the visit. Some heat ratings for their dishes might help a bit but the food is certainly great.

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