423 Pitt St

Having eaten here a few times before we knew what to expect. However its always a pleasure eating here anyway - its reliable and tasty and the quantities are always good too.

The next challenge is what to order - decisions, decisions!!
First choice was the chorizo a la plancha - grilled Spanish sausage. This dish is always a winner and probably one of the first choices for any tapas meal. It came out sizzling hot with a good sized serving for $10.50.

Next choice was from the specials menu. It was lamb and haloumi skewers. The lamb was very tender and the haloumi was - well - haloumi. This was a tasty combination but sadly I cant remember how much they cost - but I think it was around $14.00.
Patatas bravas - like chorizo - is another almost obligatory tapas dish. It consists of fried potato with garlic mayonnaise and spicy tomato salsa. It was an absolutely huge serving and it came out steaming and sizzling. The mayo was lovely as it melted in among the potato pieces. This very filling dish is a bargain at $9.50.

Then it was the Popeye pizza - and you've gotta love the name. Of course it had spinach - why else would it be called Popeye - but also bacon, goats cheese and pine nuts. The pizza's come in three sizes with the largest size for Popeye costing $21.00.

Finally, to really keep the vampires away it was necessary to have some garlic bread. This appears on the menu as pan al ajo. The garlic bread was very nice with good sized pieces and cost $3.00 per serving.

Encasa is a good reliable place for tapas that will always deliver solid quality and quantity.

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