Opera Bar
Lower Concourse Level,
Sydney Opera House

Often trendy places are somewhat tacky - but not this place. The million dollar views absorb you. On a cold evening its still nice - they crank up a multitude of heaters and its actually quite pleasant.
 I wasn't actually eating on this occasion - although I have eaten here a few times and the food is actually quite good - decent quality and decent sized servings - at a decent price for the location.

The menu is shown here to give you an idea of the options. This time I was just having a drink in a nice place while I killed some time before another engagement. It's not a bad place to kill time at!

You can easily lose track of time here just looking out over the harbour bridge and the opera house. It's a magical view. The place is very popular. Tables get grabbed quickly and even on a so called quiet night it still has plenty of people there.

If you want a nice meal with amazing views this is the place to go. If you just want a drink with amazing views it's also the place to go. The common feature is of course the views!!

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